[solved] Re: <alt>fn going to X

Gary Aitken ah at dreamchaser.org
Sun Jun 10 20:12:26 UTC 2012

ah...  Thanks both Warren and Lars

>>> What's the trick to allow <alt>fn to still be used to switch vtys when running X?
>>> At first I thought it was the wm grabbing it, but I've disabled that and now it goes to whatever app has the focus.  Seems like something in the kernel has to grab it before it gets passed on to X.
>> I see it's <ctl><alt>fn when in X.
>> However, once out of X on another vty, switching to the vty where X was
>> started does not get me back to X.  How do I get back to the X display
>> which is running?
> Oh, you have to swith to the vtty where X is running, which certainly is NOT
> where you started X.
> Look in /etc/ttys for a line like this:
> ttyvb    "/usr/local/bin/xdm -nodaemon"    xterm    off secure
> The above is not standard on installation, so probably the
> 'ttyv?' is different.  The ? is the ttyv number (in hex) where
> your X should be running - BUT the hex number start at 0 (zero)
> while your F keys start with 1.  For example, the above says X should run in
> ttyv b = 11 decimal, but that is associated with F12 (so that F1 can be
> mapped to ttyv0).

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