Is this something we (as consumers of FreeBSD) need to be aware of?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Sun Jun 10 20:06:54 UTC 2012

Too much hot air & preaching to the choir is counter productive
& would die away after internal argument.  Better be active Externaly.
Defend our future by alerting governments there is an upcoming issue.
(eg EU has mega fined MS before for monopoly abuse, EU etc could warn off MS
if we alert governments there's something to monitor).

Free source OSs, ie inc *BSD & *Linux etc, need to co-ordinate with eg
    -  A few short anodyne sentences summarising the MS Win8 UEFI problem, 
    	(better too little text than too much, to reduce work,
    	avoid risk of discredit from getting anything wrong).
    - List of links to specification & analysis & discussion forums.
    - List of contacts to alert: politicians & officials responsible for
      anti monopoly & anti restraint of trade policing. 
    - List of volunteers: people in each OS project to contact governments.
    - A brief simple sample letter to send to alert politicians & 
     officials (maybe via paper post or phone, not email to spam box ;-) 

As a start here's :

URLs welcome. Contact names welcome. Volunteers welcome.

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