cvsup of RELENG_8_1

Jim Nasby jim at
Sat Jun 9 19:47:56 UTC 2012

On 6/9/12 2:43 PM, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Jim Nasby<jim at>  writes:
>> I keep getting this error when trying to update source on 8.1:
>> TreeList failed: Error in "/var/db/sup/src-all/checkouts.cvs:RELENG_8_1": 13890: Could not parse status record.  Delete it and try again.
> Have you tried deleting /var/db/sup/src-all/checkouts.cvs:RELENG_8_1 and
> retrying cvsup?

Somehow I got it in my head that that was a file living on the cvsup server and not locally.

After deleting that file all is good. Thanks for your help!
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