prune ports tree?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Sat Jun 9 17:41:01 UTC 2012

Gary Aitken wrote:
> Is it possible to specify that parts of the ports tree should never be used?

Although as others pointed out it depend quite what you mean by that :-)

	setenv DUDS SomeEndPortToSkip_eg_ghostview

One could also do
	setenv DUDS "`printenv DUDS` vietnamese chinese" ; make fetch
if for instance you wanted to fetch most but not all distiles

It prevents a recusion into SUBDIR (either into the 30 main ports/ dirs,
or the 20,000+ 2nd level dirs.

How I find DUDS useful:
	When I do an upgrade, I copy
		(using my shell
	about 30 Makefile.local from my personal preference directory
	Then I let loose a monstrous make with something like
		cd /usr/ports ;\
                nice make BERKLIX_CLIENT=YES \
                	all install package package-recursive ; bell
	that takes days & always breaks a few times on route,
	(& using make -k or make -i is a bad idea, as it messes upports that
	other ports then think are built, but are not - so I avoid -i & -k )

	 Sometimes I dont have time to immediately analyse each breakage,
	& just want topush the compiles on, & come back later to debug 
	broken faults, so I then use (with csh
		setenv DUDS "whatever_port_just_broke `printenv DUDS`"
	& start the make again.

	(PS & later after most stuff is build I start the truly monster builds
	 eg openoffice etc with eg
                nice make BERKLIX_AMBITIOUS=YES \
			all install package package-recursive ; bell

For DUDS & other ideas See:
	vi -c/DUDS /usr/ports/Mk/

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