how to filter network by MAC and IP at the same time

Bill Yuan bycn82 at
Thu Jun 7 23:22:40 UTC 2012

hi all,

i am using freebsd 9.0 as a firewall and i want to filter the traffic by
the mac and the ip at the same time,

for example, i only allow my laptop <MAC Address 1> can go throught the
firewalll when it's using IP <IP Address 1>

for how to config the firewall rules?

I tried to configure the firewall by  the rule below , but it doesnt work

 ipfw add  1 allow all from <IP Address 1> to any MAC <MAC Address 1> any
 ipfw add  1 allow all from any to <IP Address 1>  MAC any <MAC Address 1>

but it doesnt work. also found the explanation on google, someone already
asked this question before.

but I did not find the solution for this requirement.  can someone tell me
how ? thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

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