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El día Thursday, June 07, 2012 a las 12:00:26PM -0400, Fbsd8 escribió:

> Running 9.0 and thinking about changing to this verizon model 551L usb
> cell phone modem.
> It's a usb plugin cell modem for internet access.
> Before I go through the purchase and signup process I want to verify
> Freebsd has a driver that works with this 4G cell device.

I haven't accessed the above specifications (if there are any at all)
because the page asks data I'm unwilling to enter;

In general, it depends. If the cellphone (like my Openmoko Freerunner)
acts on USB as an Ethernet device (man cdce) and itself then as a router
to the provider, it will work; if it gives direct serial access to the
chips, it must be checked based on the USB vendorID and productID.

Look for a dealer who allows to connect it once to your laptop and read
the ID with usbconfig(8).



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