Is this something we (as consumers of FreeBSD) need to be aware of?

Nomen Nescio nobody at
Thu Jun 7 13:43:51 UTC 2012

> > But my point is that MS doesn't issue the updates, they have to ask the
> > BIOS vendors to do so, and then the MB vendors have to take the update,
> > and then the users have to install the update. The incentive at each
> > level is generally very small. It does create some confusion, but is
> > hardly an enforcement mechanism. It would disable older versions of
> > FreeBSD on newer hardware, but not much else.

This can be automated. Many mobo manufacturers have software that searches
for new BIOS and flashes it "for" you. All they have to do is get on board
and make this automatic like Windows Updates. Don't think they haven't
thought this far ahead. I believe some offer this now.

> > A previous poster has pointed out that MS can't revoke a certificate
> > belonging to RH, but I suppose the could ask the BIOS vendors to treat
> > it as revoked. I don't know what the response would be.

MS and Intel are running this. If Verisign is just a trusted 3rd party
(without administrative duties) they can well defer to the Microshaft Mafia
and do as they're told. It wouldn't be the first time. For example, did
everybody already forget the Microshaft Mafias' initiation of the FBI server
raids on the botnet? Many innocent companies and peoples hosting got screwed
during this takeover. But it was all in the name of "justice". If we can get
a few Russian hackers then it's well worth damaging your business and
property. We're from Microshaft Mafia and the FBI and we're here to help.

> This is akin to, for example, Sony's race against Homebrewers on the
> good ol' PSP.
> When hackers found a hardware flaw that enabled them to install custom
> firmware, Sony had to release new versions of the consoles with fixed
> hardware.
> The old ones were still exploitable but the new ones weren't.

That is a little different, possibly. For one thing, Sony detected whether
you had the updates they wanted you to install and if you don't have them
installed you can't play on their PlayStation network. For 99.99% of
PlayStation users this is the whole point of buying their console. So if you
don't upgrade all you have is a box for playing local games which most
people don't seem to want to do. 

All the Intel and Microshaft Mafia have to do is a similar thing, and make
your PC or Windows stop working unless you install their updates, or tell
the FBI your PC is possibly "infected" and part of a Russian botnet etc. and
you won't be allowed on the internet until you upgrade your system to a safe
level to avoid these horrible threats. This idea was floated publicly even
unrelated to so-called "secure boot".

Windows activation can check the firmware level and Intel's management BIOS
is connected to the net even when your new PC is shut off (as long as it is
plugged in). If you go along with this they can do whatever you want. You're
submitting to true remote management/control over YOUR hardware and life.

This is the beginning of a lot of bad Big Brother stuff and if people accept
it now they get what they deserve tomorrow.

Say "NO" to the Intel/Microshaft Mafia. Say "NO" to "Secure" boot.

Run MIPS and Alpha hardware if you have to, just DUMP INTEL AND THE

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