Is this something we (as consumers of FreeBSD) need to be aware of?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Wed Jun 6 10:20:35 UTC 2012

jerrymc at wrote:
> Quoting Kurt Buff <kurt.buff at>:
> > UEFI considerations drive Fedora to pay MSFT to sign their kernel binaries
> >
> >
> > This would seem to make compiling from source difficult.
> >
> I don't see how this MS scam is even at all legal.
> It is clearly restraint of trade and probably violates some other
> related laws too.

A shame Bush blocked dismembering monopolist Microsoft.  
The last enormous fines Microsoft paid the EU for monopoly abuse,
presumably failed to discipline Microsoft. 

Time for increased fines, till Microsoft stops abusing its monooly.
Would be nice if the fines were so high it forced a free recall by
hardware vendors to fix, if it can't be fixed with a UEFI net upgrade.

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