FreeBSD 8.3 support for LSI SAS 2208 based controllers/Dell PERC 710

Simon simon at
Mon Jun 4 23:22:10 UTC 2012

I'm glad to hear at least the Perc 6/i is working fine with R610 which is
what I'm looking to get to avoid all the trouble with the new R620 Albeit
I need to use the 1TB SAS drives that are 6gbps, so I really wanted to
use the H700 instead of the much older Perc 6/i, which I also have working
fine in a number of R710s

When you get a chance, please find out what those other R610s are
running and in what RAID config.

I'm surprised so few on the list use Dell's Perc H700


On Mon, 4 Jun 2012 19:03:35 -0400, kpneal at wrote:

>On Mon, Jun 04, 2012 at 02:28:18PM -0400, Simon wrote:
>> I'm wondering if this was resolved. I was looking at Dell R610s with Perc H700
>> and no solid information either. Found a few threads with people having issues
>> with it, no solutions. These been out since early 2010, not cutting edge by any
>> means.
>> Is anyone using Dell R610/R620 with Perc H700/H710 reliably for some time?

>I've got an R610 with the PERC 6/i (not what you asked) that runs like a
>champ. I plan on upgrading the card at some point, but for now it works
>fine. The trick was to turn off _all_ the power savings features (C1E,
>etc) in the BIOS.

>We have I don't even know how many R610 at work running FreeBSD 8.2 with
>some kind of RAID card, but I don't know which one. Those machines get
>pounded all day every day and I haven't heard of any problems. I haven't
>noticed any as a user. I'll find out and report back.

>I also have my R620 and the latest stable/8 has support for the H710 card
>("Mini", "Monolithic"). It works well enough to create a couple of ZFS
>pools and copy the install of FreeBSD over to the disks. But I have the
>Broadcom 5720 network daughtercard that doesn't work yet, so I don't know
>how the H710 performs under load.

>Am I correct that LSI is contributing to the drivers for the Dell cards
>that use LSI chips? Can someone verify that I'm not looney?

>The R620 went on sale within days of Intel's release of the chips. To be
>fair to FreeBSD the firmware that Dell shipped is ... half baked at best.
>For a while it insisted on using the wrong IP when using DHCP, the network
>upgrade of the firmware via FTP+proxy requests the wrong URL, etc etc. The
>Dell DVD-ROM USB drive can't be connected at the same time as the "iDRAC"
>network port or else the firmware won't initialize. And Dell had access
>to the hardware before it shipped. So I can't complain about FreeBSD's
>support for the R620 not being 100% in place when Dell hasn't gotten their
>act together yet.

>I'm told that support for the Broadcom card is being worked on. I do not
>have a timeframe.

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