umount device busy

Gary Aitken freebsd at
Mon Jun 4 19:15:41 UTC 2012

On 06/04/12 08:15, Warren Block wrote:

> gamin opens the directory (of the newly-mounted device) so it can check for new files being created or files being renamed, and then notify the window manager, which updates the user's desktop. The open makes the device in-use, preventing an unmount.
> Setting gamin to "poll" helps. (I assume it opens the directory, scans, then closes it again, so there's a race condition there, but I haven't encountered it.)
> gamin can also be disabled for certain directories. That works (AFAIR, it's been a while), but then you lose instant icon updates on the very directories where it is the most useful.

Can you tell me where any of this is documented?
I can't find squat about gamin.
no man page and no docs in the /usr/local tree
Checked the port options for gamin itself and see there's a place to turn on the poller, to that should solve that problem.
But where does one learn about disabling specific directories or other info?



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