FreeBSD 8.3 support for LSI SAS 2208 based controllers/Dell PERC 710

Simon simon at
Mon Jun 4 18:28:42 UTC 2012

I'm wondering if this was resolved. I was looking at Dell R610s with Perc H700
and no solid information either. Found a few threads with people having issues
with it, no solutions. These been out since early 2010, not cutting edge by any

Is anyone using Dell R610/R620 with Perc H700/H710 reliably for some time?

How can a hardcore server-OS like FreeBSD not have solid support for these
popular server platforms :\

The more I run into these issues, the more I'm being forced to consider Linux;
this is somewhat sad. I hope I'm mistaken but it seems like there is less and
less support for mainstream server out-of-box hardware lately.


On Thu, 17 May 2012 11:24:01 -0400, kpneal at wrote:

>On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 02:07:30PM -0500, Mark Felder wrote:
>> On Wed, 16 May 2012 13:04:25 -0500, Rick Miller <vmiller at>  
>> wrote:
>> >
>> >Would anyone else out there have any experience with installing
>> >FreeBSD on the R620 and be able to provide any tips for
>> >troubleshooting?
>> >
>> Does 9.0 install on that hardware? It's possible your controller chip has  
>> a slightly different revision that isn't listed in the driver. I'd expect  
>> it to not work on 9.0 either in that case.

>I also have an R620 possibly with the same card. 

>FreeBSD 8.3 does not see the card.

>FreeBSD 9.0 sees the card well enough to hang the kernel trying to
>get a good response out of the probe.

>I thought the mfi driver was the relevant one? I'm pretty sure that's
>the one that hangs 9.0. I'll check tonight.

>Having 9.0 hang makes it ... difficult ... to get a 9.0 install done
>to the built-in usb drive. So I'm planning on trying to run a 9.0-current
>kernel with an 8.3 userland at least for a little while.
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