Portmaster and update progress, suggestion.

Leslie Jensen leslie at eskk.nu
Mon Jun 4 08:14:24 UTC 2012

2012-06-04 09:41, Doug Barton skrev:
> On 06/04/2012 00:35, Leslie Jensen wrote:
>> I found that setting and changed it.
> That should do it then. Thanks to Warren for suggesting it.
>> I forgot to tell you that I'm working through an SSH connection and
>> maybe it's because of that I cannot see any title?
> Nope. Should work just fine for you, I've done thousands of portmaster
> upgrades over ssh.
> Let me know how it goes,
> Doug

I've set that dynamic title should go before initial title. I've also 
tried the setting that it should replace initial title. None of the 
settings changes anything.

I've no title at all apart from "Terminal"


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