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Thomas Mueller mueller23 at insightbb.com
Mon Jun 4 04:27:39 UTC 2012

>>For a server, you don't need a lot of fancy stuff such as Adobe Flash

> and do you need this for a non-server? Adobe don't want us (FreeBSD users)
> to use their closed-source software. And i respect their will and don't
> use it. Which resulted in much easier browsing by the way :)

Some, too many, web sites are difficult or impossible to access without Adobe Flash.

Adobe may discontinue Linux version of Flash plugin except when bundled with Chrome browser.

I personally would like to see HTML 5 wipe Adobe Flash off the face of the earth.

Some web sites use Flash just to be annoying, not to create a video.

Examples are:

freefilefillableforms.com : I was unable to proceed with income tax return for e-file.

shoplocal.com : When advertiser/vendor offers a choice between Flash (broadband) and HTML (dialup),
 HTML (non-Flash) works better even on broadband.

www.gagels.com (farm market), last time I looked was maybe a month ago, and I remember complaining.

laguanajuatoky.com : crashes (Mozilla) Seamonkey browser when running in FreeBSD.

Gnash is great on YouTube but seems to work nowhere else.


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