HP networked printer -- hp-setup won't use, hp-probe finds

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Sat Jun 2 11:09:28 UTC 2012

>> that's all. Work for whole office without trash software installed on
>> (windoze) workstation or unix server.
> _______________________________________________
> Your message is worth saving, gives me some new ideas on getting that recalcitrant printer (HP M1212nf MFP) to work.
if you want mail my privately i have quite large practice in making 
"modern" printers to work normal way.

i don't think there are HP printers that cannot be made to work normally.

If not hplip or hpijs then


is your friend. Most probably this printer will need foo2... tools.

And fortunately none of this solution requires CUPS, even if some ports 
are made so cups are installed (not a problem anyway) there is no need to 
use it.

Normal (=="ancient") way of using printers under unix is to use lpd and 
write a filter that will translate at least postscript to printer's 

If your machine is a network server for windoze computers then use samba 
and just add

printing = bsd
load printers = yes

in [global]

and all your printers in /etc/printcap are available. Install generic 
postscript driver in windows. Actually - Any Apple postscript printer 
driver in windows XP (their postscript is actually compatible with 

this way you gain independence - changing printer doesn't need fooling 
with windows drivers, and you print from anything.

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