How to crontab screen with script inside and a "don't run it if it's already running" check?

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DH> I run this Ruby script 24/7 (records data from this live stream).
DH> It runs inside a screen though, so it's easy to check in on it
DH> every once in a while.
DH> But how do I crontab the screen with the script inside it? It has
DH> to be with a "don't run it if it's already running" check.
DH> [...]

maybe you should create a shell alias. I do the following for my irssi

# Start irssi within screen or switch to it if it is already running.
alias irssi='if pgrep -u $USER irssi;then screen -U -x irssi;else screen -S irssi irssi;fi'



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