Anyone using freebsd ZFS for large storage servers?

Kaya Saman kayasaman at
Fri Jun 1 13:05:57 UTC 2012

>> Additionally ZFS works directly at the block level of the HD meaning
>> that it is slightly different to the 'normal' file systems in storing
>> information and is also "self healing"......
> doesn't other filesystem work on block level too? if no - then at what
> level?

It was my impression that ZFS doesn't actually format the disk as
stores data as raw information on the hard disk directly rather then
using an actual "file system" structure as such.

That's what I was trying to get at by that statement. This is really
what made ZFS standout over other types of file systems.

In doing that according to everything I have read, it actually means
faster I/O and ease of portability incase the disks need to be removed
from their current location and added elsewhere but not loosing

Unlike clunky hardware RAID systems ZFS adds much more versitility too
which of course being at this depth of knowledge you are aware of and
may even have a means to compare, however I personally prefer it over
RAID as RAID is rubbish dealing with it everyday I am fed up of
creating non-dynamic arrays.

I cannot compre directly to the more advanced UFS2 techniques but my
money would be with ZFS over RAID and LVM any day and don't even give
me M$ systems they would be out the window before being booted for the
first time......



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