How to indicate source directory in other than /usr/src?

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2012/05/30 17:04:42 +0400 Peter Vereshagin <peter at> => To freebsd-questions at :
PV> xterm works for me in my mutt under tmux, ask me if you need to tweak locale ( I see his L char with the '/' over it in place, and the cyrilic letters in my other mail, too )
PV> mlterm is better for asian languages; it's unlikely that European ones should be shown better in mlterm rather than in xterm.

I have to correct myself here: xterm-261 'just works'  but not xterm-279 that is an up to date port. I have just fixed my cyrillic and pdeudo-graphics by backing off x11/xterm to '261' version.

Of course I borrowed with those +/- for 'wc', 'lc', 'u8' stuff and none of them made 279 to behave the same as 261 for non-ascii.

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