Address to reach human operator regarding problems with list?

Mike Clarke mike at
Fri Jun 1 09:06:30 UTC 2012

On Thursday 31 May 2012 11:06:24 Thomas Mueller wrote:
> I contacted my Internet service provider, Insight Cable, about the problem,
> and they need a copy of any message that bounces, so they can see what went
> awry.

I had the same problem a while ago with my ISP (Plusnet). Standard response 
from front line support is to say you need to send a copy of the message that 
you never had. Eventually I diverted my questions@ mail to a server that I 
had control of and relayed the messages from there to my ISP account so I 
could monitor the logs. The spam was being rejected with "552 Spam Message 
Rejected" and no information was returned to identify the email. Most of the 
rejected mail was spam but there were a small number of false positives. When 
I managed to get past the ISP's  front line support they removed the 
addresses for the false positives from the blacklist but this is only a 
temporary fix since more addresses keep wrongly finding heir way onto the 
list over time, though they do eventually drop off it again.

Plusnet use Cloudmark spam filtering and I see from the OP's headers that 
Insight also use Cloudmark so I'd expect similar things are happening there. 
I was able to stop the bounces by adding to the whitelist on my 
ISP account - but with the downside of seeing more spam on the list.

Mike Clarke

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