Anyone using freebsd ZFS for large storage servers?

Albert Shih Albert.Shih at
Fri Jun 1 05:24:16 UTC 2012

 Le 31/05/2012 ? 11:32:33-0400, Oscar Hodgson a écrit

> The subject is pretty much the question.  Perhaps there's a better
> place to be asking this question ...
> We have (very briefly) discussed the possibility of using FreeBSD
> pizza boxes as a storage heads direct attached to external JBOD arrays
> with ZFS.  In perusing the list, I haven't stumbled across indications
> of people actually doing this.  External JBODs would be running 24 to
> 48TB each, roughly.  There would be a couple of units.  The pizza
> boxes would be used for computational tasks, and nominally would have
> 8 cores and 96G+ RAM.
I've Dell R610 + 48 Go Ram, 2x 6 core + 4 * MD1200 (36*3T + 12*2T)

[root at filer ~]# zpool list
filer    119T  35,4T  83,9T    29%  1.00x  ONLINE  -
[root at filer ~]# 

Work very fine (I can't say I've long experience because the server is up
since just 4 months). 

The ZFS is very good, easy to manage, very fast.

They're two default IMHO : 

	Eat lot of Ram

	cannot synchronize two zpool automaticaly like HammerFS


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