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Lars Eighner luvbeastie at larseighner.com
Mon Jul 30 20:39:11 UTC 2012

On Tue, 31 Jul 2012, Manish Jain wrote:

> <<
> I've not experienced any problem with sites that
> use Flash, including Youtube.
> Hi Jeff,
> Okay, so can you please go to the URL below and see whether the bubbles work 
> for you ?

recent linux-flash 12.x do not work with any recent version of firefox when
the server uses the standard flowplayer set-up (with JS).  It does work with
flowplayer when used with the flowplayer "alternate" configuration which is
pure html5.  Of course, as a user you are SOL if a site has elected to use
the JS version of flowplayer. Rolling linux-flash back 6 months or a year
will fix this, and it is hoped it will get fixed when linux-flash is bumped
to 13.x

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