Resolvconf with FreeBSD jails

Jeff Tipton jeff.t at
Mon Jul 30 15:24:23 UTC 2012

On 07/30/2012 18:03, Grzegorz Junka wrote:
> FreeBSD 9 uses resolvconf tool to manage the resolv.conf file. How can 
> I make it working with FreeBSD jails?
> In my case I am moving my laptop between networks and every time I 
> boot FreeBSD it gets assigned a different DNS server. The file 
> /etc/resolv.conf gets updated but the same file in each of the jails 
> is not. I need resolv.conf in each jail in order for that jail to 
> connect to the external network.
If you really need your resolv.conf for connecting to an external 
network (and not to resolve local machine names), why not just add 
public DNS servers there and let them stay the same all he time?
> I tried to make a link from resolv.conf in a jail to the same file in 
> the host system, but inside jail the link doesn't work. I could copy 
> the resolv.conf every time I boot FreeBSD after the DHCP obtained new 
> DNS and updated resolv.conf but before ezjail starts any of the jails, 
> but where I would need to put such copying?
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