Firefox 14 build broken due to wrong libpng

david coder dacoder at
Mon Jul 30 05:02:54 UTC 2012

same problem.  so i rebuilt png w/ 	

	OPTIONS=        APNG "Animated PNG support" On

firefox build still fails because of complaints about APNG.  what am i missing

i'm running 8.3, btw, less than a month old.

david coder

+++ Christian Weisgerber [27/07/12 19:19 +0000]:

>Dan Allen <danallen46 at> wrote:
>> My build from ports of Firefox 14.0.1 dies in the configure script.  It
>> says that the system PNG library does not support APNGs.
>You need to rebuild graphics/png with the APNG option enabled.  This
>is the default now, but it wasn't until a year ago.  So if you have
>a system that has been upgraded for a long time, you probably
>installed png, hit return for the default options and have been
>stuck with APNG=off since then.
>You're not the first one to be bitten by this and you won't be the
>last one.
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