How to get Huawei EC1561 USB modem working under FreeBSD, 8.2? Moving on to the next problem :-) -> Flash in Firefox

Jeff Tipton jeff.t at
Sun Jul 29 19:30:03 UTC 2012

On 07/29/2012 22:23, Jeff Tipton wrote:
> On 07/29/2012 21:31, Jerry wrote:
>> On Sun, 29 Jul 2012 23:35:06 +0530
>> Manish Jain articulated:
>>> Thanks for your inputs. I have finally got FreeBSD to speak to the
>>> internet. Now I have one more problem before I can live in peace. I
>>> am fond of a game hosted via the Discovery channel's website :
>>> The game needs Adobe flash player. So I installed
>>> linux-f10-flashplugin11. But firefox 5.0 does not seem to integrate
>>> with it well. I then tried installing a couple of more ports,
>>> including swfdec and gnash. Still firefox won't play the game.
>>> Is there something special I need to do ? Thanks for any help.
>> I feel your pain. I have had less than stellar success with getting a
>> large number of sites to interact correctly with Firefox on FreeBSD when
>> flash was involved, and sometimes even when it wasn't. I have heard
>> that Opera works better but I have no personal knowledge of it. I
>> finally gave up awhile ago. I just use my Windows machine when I
>> absolutely, positively have to get a site working correctly. Life is
>> too short to sweat the small stuff and golf is a lot more fun.
> I have chromium-15.0.874.121 with linux-f10-flashplugin-11.1r102.55, 
> and I set them up as described in the FreeBSD Handbook, and they work 
> OK for me. True, I'm not much into games (don't use online games at 
> all) but otherwise I've not experienced any problem with sites that 
> use Flash, including Youtube.
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P.S. And yes, my midori-0.4.2, too, works well with Flash.

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