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>Good afternoon, FreeBSD enthusiasts.  I did not receive a response to the following message, so I would like to rephrase the question.  Does anyone use an architectural CAD application with FreeBSD?  If so, would you be willing to share any comments, opinions, or advice with me concerning your experience with this software?  Many thanks in advance.  Yours truly, Lee Shackelford

Hi Lee, you could ask this same question on a Linux (or better, Ubuntu) forum/mailing list, surely you'll receive more answers, then you can see if the CAD apps used by them will run on FreeBSD (I'm quite sure them will work).

Why I say a Linux forum is better for this? because I don't know any non-computer-geek who uses FreeBSD, but there are a lot of Architects/Graphic Artists using Linux, and specially Ubuntu right now. 

Leonardo M. Ramé

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