at behaviour and man at inconsistency

clutton mbsd at
Tue Jul 24 06:27:40 UTC 2012

>From man:

The at utility allows some moderately complex time specifications.  It
accepts times of the form HHMM or HH:MM to run a job at a specific time
of day.  (If that time is already past, the next day is assumed.)

Current behavior:

Ξ ~ → date
Tue 24 Jul 2012 09:17:36 EEST
Ξ ~ → at 09:18
echo tototo
Job 1 will be executed using /bin/sh
Ξ ~ → at 09:15
at: trying to travel back in time
zsh: exit 1     at 09:15

Five, ok, may by more years ago, I don't remember exactly. at had worked
like the man explain.

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