Removing sendmail from an installed system

Darren Pilgrim list_freebsd at
Tue Jul 24 00:16:41 UTC 2012

I'm removing sendmail entirely from an installed system.  I had 
WITHOUT_SENDMAIL in /etc/src.conf when I updated to RELENG_8_3, but that 
left an old version of sendmail rotting away on disk.  This is the list 
I have so far:

/etc/mail/* (excluding mailer.conf)

Is this list complete?  I'm intentionally leaving the stuff for 
mailwrapper.  I'm ok with leaving /etc/rc.d/sendmail behind as well, but 
it looks like it's not needed by anything (i.e., nothing requires "mail").

Even though I have WITHOUT_SENDMAIL specified and the world was built 
with that, mergemaster still installs /etc/mail/aliases and 
/etc/rc.d/sendmail.  Is there a way to prevent this other than adding 
them to IGNORE_FILES in mergemasterrc?

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