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Здравствуйте, Ian.

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IS> On Sun, 22 Jul 2012 14:55:46 +0300 Eugen Konkov <kes-kes at yandex.ru> wrote:

IS> Hi Eugen,

 >> I use ipfw tables to allow host to access to internet.
 >> is there counter for matched packets/bytes for table entry like for 
 >> ipfw rule?
 >> #ipfw show 901
 >> rule     packets        bytes
 >> 00901  302271108  27717115967 allow ip from to any
 >> #ipfw table 7 list
 >> ---table(7)---
 >> 100
 >> No counters here (((

IS> No, there are no individual counters for matched entries in tables.  
IS> Apart from extra space cost, the accounting time cost would be huge; 
IS> lookups are fast but updating radix trees per match would be very slow.

IS> Also, a table may be referenced in multiple rules, or even twice in the
IS> same rule, so what could such a count really indicate?

IS> Of course, counts for matching the table are in the rule/s concerned:

IS> 16100    58300    3060562 deny log logamount 20 ip from table(1) to any in recv ng0
IS> 16200     4449     226060 deny log logamount 20 tcp from
IS> table(25) to any dst-port 25,110 in recv ng0 setup
IS> 23000       45       2700 allow log logamount 100 tcp from
IS> table(22) to w.x.y.z dst-port 22 in recv ng0 setup

but if lookup function will return matched entry, then calling rule
may update appropriate counter.

matchedentry= lookup_table( PACKETDATA );

#ipfw show 16100
16100    58300    3060562 deny *counttable* log logamount 20 ip from table(1) to any in recv ng0
         50000    3000000
           300        562
          8000      60000

will this be slow?

IS> Myself, I'd be more interested in a last-match timestamp than a count 
IS> for table entries, but that won't happen either for the above reasons :)

IS> cheers, Ian

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