fsck on FAT32 filesystem?

Robert Bonomi bonomi at mail.r-bonomi.com
Sun Jul 22 20:46:22 UTC 2012

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> Subject: Re: fsck on FAT32 filesystem?
> On 22/07/2012 17:14, Polytropon wrote:
> > Furthermore, in your example using Cygnwin's dd _on_ the disk
> > Cygnwin is currently running from, and the "Windows" it runs
> > on too, doesn't seem like a very good idea. I assume it will
> > result in a bluescreen soon and a _partially_ erased disk.
> Sorry, I forgot the say that in this example Windows is booted from 
> \\.\PhysicalDrive1 :)

Which assumes you _have_ \\.\PhysicalDrive1, and have a bootable O/S
on it, *and* know how to make the machine boot from the 'other disk'
*AND* know the 'magic incantation' to invoke the executable to erase
the disk in -that- environmnt.

Care to guess what percentnage of Windows users fits that criteria?

I'm petty sure, albeit without any 'ahrd facts', that it starts with a
decimal point, and several zeroes.    <wry grin>

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