fsck on FAT32 filesystem?

Michael Ross gmx at ross.cx
Sun Jul 22 17:06:18 UTC 2012

On Sun, 22 Jul 2012 17:08:56 +0200, Bruce Cran <bruce at cran.org.uk> wrote:

> On 22/07/2012 16:01, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>>> 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1M' works under Cygwin - or you can  
>>> just write a load of zeros to \\.\PhysicalDrive0 .
>> who prevents you to bood live CD or pendrive with FreeBSD (or  
>> openbsd,netbsd,linux,solaris,whatever usable)?
> Nobody - I didn't say users couldn't boot from a FreeBSD/etc live CD,  
> but zeroing the disk in Cygwin is an alternative.

Microsoft's format.exe can zero a volume, at least in the newer (>2008)  

/p:<passes> : Zeros every sector on the volume for the number of passes  




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