fsck on FAT32 filesystem?

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at insightbb.com
Sun Jul 22 09:54:55 UTC 2012

Regarding the security of various methods of deleting data, I just saw in Office Depot's online ad for the coming week, which is the reason I couldn't post this any earlier:

Need to discard an old PC but worried about protecting your identity?

Let us securely erase your personal files and pictures for only $49.99.

We use the only permanent data deletion software certified by NIAP, used by the Department of Defense and Fortune 500 Companies.

(quoting verbatim but formatting not preserved)

URL was 


Personally, I'd save the money, time and gasoline too, and use dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/(disk-to-be-deleted) bs=1M

from FreeBSD or other (quasi)-Unix OS.

Or if that's not good enough, DBAN which is on the System Rescue CD (sysresccd.org).

I suppose the average MS-Windows user is not aware of these money-saving methods.


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