for the impatient: Linux LibreOffice works on FreeBSD

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at
Thu Jul 19 15:52:47 UTC 2012

>>>>> "Alejandro" == Alejandro Imass <ait at> writes:

Alejandro> Yes, but not before creating a big mess, stagnating
Alejandro> development and forcing the core team out of Oracle to create
Alejandro> LO and I guess [pure speculation] that in the end it
Alejandro> backfired and Larry (aka "we'll simply take it") was left
Alejandro> with no resources to maintain it and had no choice but to let
Alejandro> it go, maybe in an attempt to save face, who knows.

Repeat story with Hudson (Jenkins) and MySQL (MariaDB) and OpenSolaris

The only good thing they seem *not* to have screwed with is VirtualBox.
Maybe they haven't discovered they own it yet. :)

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