Nasty reference loop in login.conf

Jakub Lach jakub_lach at
Tue Jul 17 16:32:44 UTC 2012

It's my fault.

I'm running 9-STABLE.

During mergemaster run, I forgot to add localised settings to 

No problem I thought, then I edited login.conf by hand 
before running /usr/bin/cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf. 

By sloppy paste, I accidentally created :tc=default: loop in 

Now, of course I cannot login as anybody nor use 


login_getclass: 'tc=' reference loop 'root'
su: pam_acct_mgmt: error in service module

sudo: login_getclass: 'tc=' reference loop 'default'

Moreover I'm afraid to power down machine, as 
currently I'm logged as wheel group user, and I'm not
sure if change from :passwd_format=md5:\
to :passwd_format=sha512:\ didn't complicate it further...

Currently all my solutions would require to power down
machine, which I'm afraid to do frankly.

1. Hope I can still log in single user mode and correct 
/etc/login.conf? I'm afraid of md5 -> sha512 change.

2. Use some LiveCD and correct login.conf, then run
/usr/bin/cap_mkdb .

Has anybody have other ideas?

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