anyone here use poudriere ?

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Sat Jul 14 08:09:09 UTC 2012

On Fri, 13 Jul 2012 12:32:48 +0100
Vincent Hoffman <vince at> wrote:

> I've been playing with poudriere and pkg as per
> in the hope that it will be an easier way to maintain a custom
> internal package repository for work not I'va managed to get a few
> FreeBSD boxes into service there.
> I'm liking it lots more than the traditional package build but I am
> having some problems working out how to set custom build options for
> ports. Does anyone else use poudriere for this and if so how do they
> handle this.
> Thanks,
> Vince
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I use a combination of PORTSDIR, DISTDIR and PORT_DBDIR in make.conf to
set the actual ports tree to poudiriere. Have a look at man ports.

You can then use the make config-recursive target to set the
configuration in advance. Using portmaster should also work then.

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