Is there a way to run FreeBSD ports through port 80?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Thu Jul 12 20:44:32 UTC 2012

> My issues start coming into play when building the actual port itself. Ie. 
> fetching the distfile, as you suggested above.
> As soon as I start running portmaster -a or a 'make install clean' on certain 
> ports, the progress just bombs out totally.
as you've said it is not a problem at all tomorrow.

> It would be really cool if I could find a way to centrally manage all of 
> this. So perhaps in conjunction with CVSup.....

What you mean? common /usr/ports/distfiles

You may mirror it all if you wish and then NFS export.
But if you want to install lots of ports to many computers i would 
recommend building on one and then just make binary packages.

>Something like a Linux repo server if you will
no idea what it is. have not use linux for 9 years, and before that few 
years using my own manual distro as anything else wasn't usable.

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