Is there a way to run FreeBSD ports through port 80?

Peter Vereshagin peter at
Thu Jul 12 18:54:14 UTC 2012


Why don't you use a portsnap? it's over http...

2012/07/12 19:01:15 +0100 Kaya Saman <kayasaman at> => To Peter Vereshagin :
KS> I will check it out however and see if that method is best, however
KS> CVSup would be the best way for us and I'm already looking at this:

1. cvsup is not about comparison to ftp. cvsup is a way to obtain fresh port
for the program distribution, ie set of patches, list of package's files,
sample configuration files for the particular program(s) those are not the part
of the base system but supplied with taking the OS specs in mind.

ftp is a way to obtain a distfile, ie what the 3rd party software developer use
to distribute. For FreeBSD ports cvsup and ftp are not competent in the daiy
use as they have different purposes.

Some 3rd party software is released and published authoritatively on ftp only.
And that is the only problem possible for you on ftp usage by freebsd ports.
But I believe there is only a few of them you need if any at all.

I guess you may want to download the initial ports tree tarball, the ports.tgz,
via the ftp. But it's certainly a) available over there via the http and b) is
outdated and is needed to be updated via the portsnap and/or cvsup.

2. Use csup from the base system, don't use cvsup from ports if you use its
protocol. And, portsnap seems to be even more recommended since some days.

KS> which should be enough to get a demo up and running.

A Demo? Am I invited for the show? ;-)

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