How to make /dev/smb appear?

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Wed Jul 11 20:11:27 UTC 2012

Yuri wrote:

> I need to run decode-dimms from i2c-tools and it requires /dev/smb:
> SMBus device not found
> Googling the previous topics suggests that 'device smbios' in kernel
> config should have helped, but it didn't. smbus.ko and smb.ko are both
> loaded.
> What should I do to make /deb/smb appear?

On an old box I have here this works, and is somewhat chipset specific as in 
an 865PE with the ICH5 south bridge. I load kernel modules at boot: smb.ko, 
smbus.ko, and ichsmb.ko. It's probably the last one you're missing, and I 
don't know how much forward into the ICH versions it supports.

It is this last 'connector' module that has to match and support your 
hardware. It is also dependent upon device pci being present. I believe 
there exists a couple of modules like this one for other chipsets. If there 
is one that is supporting your south bridge load it instead.


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