Does the FreeBSD support ServeRAID M5110 (LSI SAS2208 ROC)

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Wed Jul 11 09:14:04 UTC 2012

On 11/07/2012 09:44, Vincent Hoffman wrote:
> you could try one of the snapshot isos at
> (RELENG_9 is 9-STABLE which is
> in the gradual process of becoming 9.1)
> and see if that behaves better. Depends if you are happy running -STABLE
> until the next release.

Indeed.  The release process for 9.1 has just begun -- yesterday, in
fact.  stable/9 has been temporarily relabelled from 9.0-STABLE to
9.1-BETA1 and in a matter of days there will be a 9.1-PRERELEASE.

Now is the time to try a stable/9 snapshot and get in your reports about
any problems if you want a 9.1-RELEASE that works smoothly on your
particular hardware.  9.1-RELEASE is due to be built on 13th August for
release on the 17th, so if all goes according to plan[*], there's just
one month to get any last niggles sorted.



[*] Historically release dates have often slipped: the priority is as
good a release as possible rather than sticking precisely to the calendar.

Dr Matthew J Seaman MA, D.Phil.

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