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*Your booking tickets on Travelgenio*Thank you for booking with
Your reservation has been taken into account in the system but IT HAS NOT
YET BEEN CONFIRMED by the airline. You will receive within 24 hours an
e-mail address to confirm your reservation or to propose alternatives. Here
is the reservation number (awaiting validation to access the plane):

Here is your reservation number: 2451720.Details of flightFlight
Departure: Dubai (DXB), Dubai, Minor Outlying Islands U.S.
Date: 10/07/2012 - 17:30 H
Arrival: Mohamed V (CMN), Casablanca, Morocco
5:30 p.m. H (1 Day)
Duration 27H 00m
Saudi Arabian Airlines (SV589)
Stopover in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. New Plane

Passenger informationPassenger 1 - ADT (Passenger Main)Name:HichamName:
abillatNo ID:
Information on the reservation holderName:HichamName:abillatMain phone:(+33)
0466788221 <%28%2B33%29%20%200466788221>
Cancellation insurance
Thank you for your insurance with cancellation TravelGenio for the flight
to *Dubai*
, Time to go: *10/07/2012*
, Date back: **
Details of Insured:
*abillat, Hesham
The total amounts to EUR *19.00* Euros.

To review terms and conditions, click the following link: **<>
Mode of PaymentMethod of Payment:Credit CardName of cardholder:jaoud abillat
Map:MasterCard CreditNumber:xxxxxxxx4032Expiration date:6/2013Total:314.12
*IDENTITY, PASSPORT and VISAS:* In the case of flights and domestic traffic
within the Schengen area, only the identity card is required. For
international flights OUT Schengen area, you must present your passport.
Some countries require other documents such as medical certificates or
visas to enter their territory.

Some domestic flights to or from countries in the Schengen area can take
off for a given area in OUT of the Schengen area as the terminal T4S in
Madrid, for example. The departure of these flights being located OUTSIDE
Schengen passengers must present their passports, only valid ID, to access
the aircraft. This applies in the lines Madrid-Paris-Frankfurt and Madrid
sent by the company LAN Airlines.

*IMPORTANT:* The foreign resident card in Spain (NIE) is not valid for
access to the aircraft. Foreign residents in Spain do not have Spanish
identity card will have to carry a valid passport.

For more information on passports, we recommend that you visit the Ministry
of on visas, foreign embassies and consulates in France:

In all cases, the presentation of the necessary documentation and the
conditions of access to country of destination are the responsibility of
the passenger.

*REGULATION:* When issuing tickets, banks can temporarily block the amount
of the reservation on your account balance until it is debited. The sum
will then be released. It is therefore likely that the amount of the
reservation appears twice in the flow temporarily and then be automatically
credited to your new bank. This retention will disappear automatically
within a period varying from one to two weeks. This process is not an
isolated incident. All travel agencies use them in accordance with the
directive in force between banks, entities issuing debit and credit and the
International Air Transport Association (IATA). Travel agencies transmit
the transmission order but these are the organizations mentioned above who
are responsible for managing the collection.*FLIGHTS TO DESTINATION OF THE
UNITED STATES:* All passengers, regardless of nationality that pass through
U.S. territory or traveling to the United States must hold an Electronic
Travel Authorisation (ESTA) obtained at least 72 hours before departure.
You may request authorization on this website . If
in doubt, and for further information, please contact the U.S. Consulate or
visit .

*AIR EUROPA FLIGHTS PERFORMED BY TRAIN:* If you book your ticket via Air
Europa has made a train trip, you MUST register online for these trips by
TRAIN on the website of the company corresponding railway.

Reconfirm your booking tickets: It is possible that airlines reprogram
their flights, change their schedules or departure dates. We recommend that
you reconfirm your reservations. To do this, contact the airline by
telephone at least 72 hours before departure. This recommendation is valid
for all flights, both for the outward and for the return.

Presentation at the airport: We recommend you have at least 60 minutes
before departure time for domestic flights and 90 minutes in the month for
international flights. For flights to the United States, Costa Rica and
Nigeria, we recommend you have at least 120 minutes before the scheduled
departure time.

Thank you for choosing Travelgenio for your reservation and bon voyage!

Travelgenio SL
C / Santa Leonor, 39, 4 º

Tel.: 0034 902 909 981
Fax: 0034 913 750 128
Mail: info at

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