NTFS data recovery

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Mon Jul 9 20:49:36 UTC 2012

> I have been given a laptop to look at for a friend, the hard disk is close to death with a SMART error on POST. My initial thought was to just mount it on an Windows 7 machine and grab what I can from the drive. No joy Windows insists that the partition is RAW and I need to format it. I can however mount it under FreeBSD without any problems, the directory structure appears to be intact but there are no files in the places I would expect to find them under the Users directory, I am guessing that these have somehow been deleted or perhaps the victim of a partial OEM recovery process. Is there a way to scan the drive for deleted files from the command line or something from the ports tree that anyone can recommend to fulfil this requirement.
get other disk or just use free space on large filesystem and do

dd if=/dev/baddisk of=file bs=64k conv=noerror,sync

then - after having backup, try to salvage things

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