GUI for "gpart"

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> I have heard, although I never personally saw it, a GUI for "gpart" I 
> heard that there exists one for Linux. Is there any comparable one for 
> FreeBSD and comparable with KDE?
no idea. If you want it with already installed system, try to compile linux software.

Anyway i see no reason for such a software, click-click solutions are always inefficient relative to normal text based ones, and partitioning is not a job that end user (who want click-click interfaces at all cost) is supposed to do _______________________________________________
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Perhaps your English phrasing loses something in translation, but your "opinions" are always presented in a way that you are correct and the rest of the world is just wrong. 

As for the original question have a look at the gparted live cd, full GUI support on that so you might be able to get that running, off the top of my head I am not sure about UFS support.

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