GUI for "gpart"

Beni Brinckman beni.brinckman at
Sat Jul 7 14:46:18 UTC 2012

2012/7/7 Wojciech Puchar <wojtek at>:
>> I have heard, although I never personally saw it, a GUI for "gpart" I
>> heard that there exists one for Linux. Is there any comparable one for
>> FreeBSD and comparable with KDE?
> no idea. If you want it with already installed system, try to compile linux
> software.
> Anyway i see no reason for such a software, click-click solutions are always
> inefficient relative to normal text based ones, and partitioning is not a
> job that end user (who want click-click interfaces at all cost) is supposed
> to do

What happened to the idea of "having a choice" ? If you want to keep
living in the 80's with a text based menu, go ahead, I prefer a click
solution. And I see no reason why a click solution is "always"
inefficient. That depends on the programmer making the interface.
I'm a desktop user. So I should mind my own business and shut up
because some old (or senior if you prefer) server guy has a problem
using a mouse ? No thanks ! I prefer to live in 2012 and use the
technical means of nowadays.
No flames intended, just my opinion (which has nothing to do with the
original question, I know).

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