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herbert langhans w3 at
Fri Jul 6 19:00:18 UTC 2012

> Hi i want to ask a question about the new release of FreeBSD (9) is it posible to run this release /whit GUI/ in IBM Thinkpad 1161 217 whit this specs 500 mhz Intel Celeron processor 64mb Ram and 5gb HDD

I've been using even slower Thinkpads (300MHz), there are a few things
to be aware of.

Check on if the ethernet connection is
supported, also the graphic card (if you need a Windowmanager).
Soundcard can be an issue too.

Try to get some more RAM for it. On internet auctions you find them for
a few bucks, check on the thinkwiki if the type fits in. From 256MB on
it works well, good is 512. The slow processor doesnt matter much if you
have enough RAM.

Since the harddisk is not very large, you may want to take a look to
NetBSD (sorry FreeBSD-gurus). NetBSD is targeted at minimal or exotic
computers, you can easily install the precompiled packages without a
portstree. I use it for all my Thinkpads (Thinkpad 600, T23 and X31). 

herb langhans

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