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"Thomas Mueller" wrote:
> from Ivan Ivanov <hellco at abv.bg>:
> > Hi i want to ask a question about the new release of FreeBSD (9) is it posible to run this release /whit GUI/ in IBM Thinkpad 1161 217 whit this specs 500 mhz Intel Celeron processor 64mb Ram and 5gb HDD
> I think it would be possible, but there would not be enough RAM or disk space to rebuild the system (make buildworld) or build the bigger applications from the ports collection.  You might not have enough RAM to run (Mozilla) Firefox. 
> There are some things you could do not involving the fancy stuff: server, maybe?
> You could try to find something for older computers on distrowatch.com, such as Puppy Linux.

Sorry, duff advice, don't need to send enquirer off to Linux IMO ;-)

I guess Linux probably can't shrink smaller than BSD,
(though that could be an endless thread, custom kernels & 
striping binaries, & older gcc being a Lot smaller etc)

but Firefox & Gcc will be approx same size on both if same version.

maybe the enquirer doesnt need firefox anyway,
eg the router passing this mail runs 6.4, with 40M ram
doesn't need firefox, does run proxy http & sendmail etc.

Dont forget why Swap was invented. One doesnt Have to have tons of ram.
Things might or not thrash depending on load etc.

However ... 64M with X GUI sounds a stretch, 
but then equally for modern BSD & Linux,

Easier with older smaller versions of OS.
(gcc thrashes building itself now on low memory machines)

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