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On 03-Jul-2012, at 9:14 PM, Tobias Rehbein wrote:

> Am Tue, Jul 03, 2012 at 01:04:07AM -0500 schrieb Lars Eighner:
>> Call me crazy, but it seems that since the perl bump (5.12 -> threaded-5.16)
>> when firefox (13.0.1,1) got rebuilt, it seems twitter pages do not fully
>> load, give me the slow loading banner, and the page (not browser or X)
>> freezes, but no such problems were evident before, and twitter seems
>> entirely normal in Opera 12.00.

> Disabling SPDY in about:config (a solution proposed on the net) didn't fix
> this issue.

Can you post the contents of about:config and also try to launch FF from command line and see if there is anything interesting reported back? Also, I hope you do not have any funky CFLAGS set in your make.conf?

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