WITHOUT_MODULES in /etc/make.conf doesn't work

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at insightbb.com
Tue Jul 3 02:59:52 UTC 2012

How does one, when building the kernel, prevent building one or more modules?

I have
in /etc/make.conf
but ulpt.ko always appears in /boot/kernel directory.

For now, I want to build all modules except for this one, but perhaps I could keep everything in kernel config and not build modules.

I think MODULES_OVERRIDE is for building only a few modules instead of a large number of modules?

I can't see any way one would use both MODULES_OVERRIDE and WITHOUT_MODULES at the same time.

Alternatively, how can I prevent ulpt.ko from automatically loading when I connect a USB printer (HP) that is supposed to work with ugen but not ulpt.

What would a FreeBSD user do in order to be able to be able to connect USB printers by either ugen or ulpt, might have two or more printers, using one at a time?

I have "device ulpt" line commented out in kernel config.


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