FreeBSD 9.0 hang

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Mon Jul 2 15:50:54 UTC 2012

> link_eif symbol atm_event undefined
> KLD if_en.ko: depends on utopia - not available or version mismatch.
> I haven't found anything relevant on those through Google.  if_en.ko os present as is utopia.ko.  I don't understand why the kernel would try to load if_en as I don't have any of those devices.  There are em0 and dc0 ethernet interfaces.  This is almost a generic kernel.  The config file contains:
Was that line printed just before hangup?

Do you actually tried to load ATM interface driver. If no - check why it 
loads at all.

Check what is last in your logfile.

Check if any addon drivers you use (fuse.ko, vboxdrv.ko) was compiled with 
the same kernel sources that you compiled kernel.

If this doesn't help then recompile your kernel with

makeoptions    		DEBUG="-O0 -g"
options                INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE
options                DEADLKRES
options                KDB
options                DDB
options                INVARIANTS
options                INVARIANT_SUPPORT
options                WITNESS
options                WITNESS_SKIPSPIN
options                DIAGNOSTIC

make sure that dump device is active


and reboot with that kernel.

At next crash you will get full dump with all symbols and all data where 
it crashes.

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