bash LC_COLLATE or LC_ALL set “C” not sort in dictionary order.

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Tue Jan 31 19:01:22 UTC 2012

On 01/31/12 06:31, Robert Bonomi wrote:
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>> Subject: bash  LC_COLLATE or LC_ALL set =?windows-1252?q?=93C=94_not__sort?=
>>   =?windows-1252?q?_in_dictionary_order=2E?=
>>       Hi,
>>       Been trying to get BASH to sort set characters in  dictionary order.
>>      I typed "locale" and it shows LC_COLLATE and LC_ALL are set to "C"
>> thought that was enough to work,
>>      however when i type metacharacters:  set character; any character,
>> something like this:
>>          ls  [a-cx-y]*
>>       bash does not sort in dictionary order; file   "Binarc" does not
>> list.
> *OF*COURSE* it doesn't.  Unix is _case_sensitive_.  You specified a lower-
> case only (in the C locale) pattern.  Naturally, it doesn't match a file
> with an upper-case character in it.
> Note: in the 'C' locale, characters are sorted on the underlying byte value.
> Thus you will get all the upper-case matches before any lower-case match.
> To get upper-and-lower case files in the C locale, you will have to use:
>            ls [A-CX-Ya-cx-y]*
> IF you speciy a different charset for collating, you _may_ get upper/lower
> case characters sorted adjacently.  See the specifications for the charset
> in question.
     Thanks for reply!

      I meant LC_COLLATE being  set to en_US.UTF-8 not C.  linux and 
solaris  shows both  upper and lowercase when set characters like 
[a-cx-y] and others   are used. when LC_COLLATE is set to  en_US.UTF-8.
      I thought it could be also done in FreeBSD's  bash  when   
LC_COLLATE  is  set to en_US.UTF-8

     in linux LC_COLLATE is set to en_US,UTF-8
     eam at localhost ~/testdir $ locale

     And when i type the following it shows both:

     eam at localhost ~/testdir $ ls [a-cx-y]*
     bincar  Bincar

     eam at localhost ~/testdir $ ls [a-z]*
     bincar  Bincar  file  File  zcar

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