Unable to upgrade packages on FreeBSD

Eduardo Morras nec556 at retena.com
Tue Jan 31 09:56:08 UTC 2012

At 00:45 31/01/2012, RW wrote:

>Making it work like Ubuntu would need a lot more hardware and a lot
>more work from port maintainers to support branching the ports tree. At
>the moment there aren't really enough to maintain one tree.

Making a resume/summary of the thread; more hardware, time and people 
are needed to maintain a package system up-to-date. I have a free 
server (amd64 freebsd8.2p6), if i built all packages with their 
standard options, that's without make config, Can i upload them to 
the official package ftp? Should i make my own un-official ftp 
package server to allow others download them?

Perhaps it's not clear, this answer has ironic mode off, joking mode 
off and i want to collaborate making the standard packages.

When i needed the package system? When i don't want a downtime if a 
server must be reinstalled. Compiling everything takes too much time 
for non critical ports (bash, gcc4.6, ...), even at first i pkg_add 
important apps, when everything is working, i update them by ports.


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