RIP routing protocol implementation is FreeBSD?

Kaya Saman kayasaman at
Tue Jan 31 00:34:59 UTC 2012

> I'd try routed_enable = "YES" instead.
> Regards
> Éric Masson

I have now setup a virtual instance of FreeBSD and another machine 
running Bind9 on OpenBSD.

I can tell that the system is receiving RIP updates as netstat -r shows 
the routes advertised by my router however, it seems that RIP isn't 
being advertised by FreeBSD.....

My /etc/rc.conf file looks as such:

router_flags="-P ripv2 ripv2_out"

 From the manual I wasn't quite sure if I needed to put the above 
'router_flags' syntax or if:


should be put in the /etc/gateways file.

I tried Google'ing around but found almost no information on how to use 
the service.

However, on bootup the system claims: "switch to trace file ripv2_out".

Running: sh ip route in the IOS only shows the C (connected routers) or 
S* (the gateway of last resort) but no dynamic RIP updates R.

Ok got something wrong here???

Can anyone assist.....



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