What is the FreeBSD mdoc (man) to HTML toolchain?

Jason Massey janixsoft at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 23:15:05 UTC 2012

Dear FreeBSD masters:

I am looking to understand the toolchain that begins with an mdoc-based
manual page and ends with a nice HTML file (as illustrated by

Hypothetically, were I personally attempting to convert the `groff_mdoc.7'
manual page to HTML, from what I've researched the command should be:

groff -mdoc -Thtml groff_mdoc.7 | tidy > bsdgroff.html

Is the above command how the FreeBSD project produces its gorgeous HTML man

How does one associate a <link .../> CSS stylesheet with the resultant
file? I cannot locate a `groff' command switch to stop it from inserting
its own inline style information.

== Research I've performed:

I have read GROFF_MDOC(7) in its entirety.

I have searched GROFF(1) and groff's [Tex]info document.

Most respectfully,


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